Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas

We chose to do a post on the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, which is the capital city of the Bahamas. We decided to look at the design of this hotel because we hope to stay there some time in the future. WE really like this hotel for the activities that it has available like the swimming with dolphins and the aquariums, but we also really like the interiors.

The lobby in the Royal Towers, the largest of the 5 buildings at the resort, is very ornate. There is a large amount of mosaic tiling on the ground as well as some mosaics on the walls. The pilars are very detailed and in the domed part of the room there is a shell design. We think that this lobby is nice, but it's a little too fancy. We like the more modern style that they have put into the lobbies of the other buildings, such as the cove and the reef, pictured below. To fix this lobby, we would redo the floors with a dark wood or maybe a granite, tone down the colours of the pictures, and replace the pillars with less fancy ones.

The Cove Atlantis lobby
The Reef, Atlantis lobby

The rooms at the atlantis are very nicely decorated as well. There are a lot of light, tropical colours used suck as lime green and reds. Lighter would are also used to compliment the beachy feel. The rooms are quite modern and simplistic with large pieces of furniture. The rooms give off a luxurious, plush feel that would make everyone comfortable to stay there. We really like the rooms and wouldn't change much about them. They have very open concepts and have lots of natural light. We love how there are so many windows, so you can see the beautiful island from your room.

Atlas Bar & Grill


There are many restaurants in the Atlantis Resort, all with different design themes and cuisines. Our favourite restaurants are those that have the same design concepts as the rooms; modern and open. There are also a few restaurants that are like the lobby of the royals towers, very ornate and fancy, but we don't plan to check those ones out. We love the dark wood used in these restaurants, the Atlas Bar &  Grill and the Mosaic. We think it makes them look fun and modern and they go with the hotels family friendly, yet exciting feel.

Overall, we really like the design at the atlantis. Though we would change something, we think that the basic design was very well done and we can't wait to see it all for ourselves!

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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