Thursday, 19 May 2011

Desk Decor

We deiced to do an "officey" blog about desk organization. But not your average filing cabinets. We're talking about those little organizers that sit on top of desks. These types of organizers don't only create more space, but they can actually make a desk look better! But, our favourite part of on-desk organizers, is that they take that clutter off your workspace and create a cleaner, more appealing area to get your work done.

The first organizer that we chose is this paper and writing material organizers. This particular one is from Ikea, but you could find similar ones in most stores that sell office supplies. They cost around $15. We like this particular organizer for various reasons. One reason is that it has various compartments to separate papers into. This is really convenient because everyone hates to lose a small more in a sea of paper. With this organizer, you can separate those notes from everything else and know exactly where they are. Another reason is that it has various level so you can see what is in each compartment. Also, we like how it is a vertical organizer. This not only saves room but you can see most of the things you have inside the organizer, unlike a horizontal organizer where you can only see what you have on the top. Finaly, we really like the wick material that the basket is made of. It brings a more laidback, beachy feel to the average office space.
Something about this we don't like is that the vertical thing can make it hard to get to things at the bottom of the compartments, especially in the back one.

This paper organizer is very different from the first one. Again, these range in price but they're usually $10 or so. We like this one as well, but for very different reasons. One thing we like about this is the contemporary feel it has. This is a classic letter tray with a modern twist to it with the chrome mesh and modern looking racks. We also like how you could reach everything on this rack, unlike with the vertical rack where it could be difficult to get things that fell to the bottom. Some things we don't like about this organizer is that it would take up more desk room and the shelves are pretty narrow, limiting what you can put on the lower shelves.

This is the last paper organizer that we decided to feature. It is unlike the other two in that it's almost a mini filing cabinet system. We like it's modern design and think it's a really neat idea. Also, we think that it would be pretty easy to file through your papers and find what you're looking for. Some down sides, the papers might droop to the side, which wouldn't look very nice, and it could be difficult to maintain. We think that it could easily become messy looking, even if it's not.

As a final note, we decided to show a way to add your own personality to your desk. Picture always do this, but we wanted to get creative, and what better way then a small accessory with some flare! A pen holder is the perfect way to do this. Whether you buy them, make them yourself from old cans, or just use a coffee mug, a little pen pot on your desk will show something about you that a paper organizer won't; it will show who you are! There are lots of ways to do this are tonnes of great features, but the best? They're practically free! This just goes to show that you can add features to your workspace without breaking that bank. Just remember to keep the features true to your spaces theme, colour scheme, and, most importantly, yourself!

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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  1. Love it! Maybe show a few pictures of DIY examples to spice up our desks!