Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Eco-Friendly Home Products


      Our first option for an eco-friendly home is skylights. Skylights can be used instead of lamps and chandeliers in the house. They provide strong sunlight during the day and can brighten up a room. You can save energy by not turning lights on during the daytime and using real sunlight as an alternative to lightbulbs.

     Skylights can be put into any room near on the top floor of a home. They also look good in hallways. Some negative aspects to skylights are that they can only be installed in the upper levels of home and they are difficult to clean. They also dont do much good during the night. Also, skylights can be rather expensive. For a small and basic model, the cost is around $100-$300. For larger, more deluxe models, the price can range from $400 to $1000. Overall, we think skylights are a good way to save the energy wasted in lightbulbs.  

Reclaimed Wood

  Another great product for an eco-friendly home is to get furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. This wood is wood that has been previously used, often from old rundown buildings. These are often not inhabited or too unsafe to use to store anything, making them practically worthless. So, wood workers disassemble the old structures and create more modern pieces. The old wood gives a unique, vintage touch. Also, the wood is often patterned in cool ways since the wood is knotted and worn.

   There are many kinds of furniture that can be made from reclaimed wood. It also comes from many places around the world from many types of trees. For example, the dresser in our first picture is made from reclaimed Peroba wood from Brazil, while the coffee table below is Toronto walnut.

  We really like reclaimed wood furniture. We think that its a great way to be fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time and, like most wood furniture, can work in any room if the style is matched to the rooms theme.

Recycle Items
   We think that recycling different items and making accessories and decorations out of them can be helpful to the environment. There are many different things that can be made from items that we use, and throw away, everyday. In this post, we will be showing various ways to recycle items and make lamps out of them.

  Our first example shows wine bottles being reused. Instead of throwing the bottles away, we suggest you make a lamp. We think this is a very creative way to get rid of those empty bottles sitting in the garage. It would look great as an accessory in homes, especially ones with bars so you can hang these above. Overall, we like this idea. We think its fun and unique.

   This is an example of ink cartridges being reused. Everyone uses ink nowadays and throwing the cartridges away is harming the environment. This is a little more difficult to make than the bottles but we think its just as fun and creative. The good think about this is that you can match the colours with the colours in the room, or you can just make it multicoloured because it wont affect the colour scheme of the room much.

   This is our last example of an item being reused to make lighting. With summer coming, everyone enjoys a nice cold drink through a straw, however, straws can be dangerous to the environment. This is a lamp made out of straws. We think this is interesting and fun, but it would take a lot of effort and a very long time to make. We like this unique idea.
-Vanja, Hayley & Alexandra (*Triple Post)

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