Friday, 6 May 2011

Stylish Storage

There is nothing worse than having tonnes of clutter in your spaces. It doesn't matter the size of the room, any area will look cramped if you have too many knick-knacks. But no one wants to have those ugly storage containers crowding their closets, cupboards and drawers. So how can you over come these storage struggles? Get storage that doubles as functional furniture!


Ottomans are the perfect way to add storage opportunities into your space while maintaining your theme. Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes and can work in any room. They are usually upholstered pieces of furniture that can be used as a stool, footrest, or a table. But we like ottomans so much not only because of how versatile they are in adapting to a rooms theme, but because they are often great storage containers.

 Our favourite kind of ottoman is the Storage Cube Ottoman. These are hollow ottomans with space inside to store whatever you would like to. The amount of storage space that you will receive from an ottoman depends on the size of the ottoman itself, but that doesn't mean that you should try to cram a large ottoman into a tiny living room or den.

Te two rooms above are perfect examples of how ottomans can work well in a modern space. The first one is actually 4 ottomans pushed together to form one larger ottoman. This can be very functional if you would like to separate them around the room. They would also be a lot easier to move around because they wouldn't be as heavy and the four separate units would add even more organization. The different colours add to the modern feel. The next one also looks modern, but for a different reason. The fact that it is circular and not square adds a unique touch that works really well in this room with the other smooth, curved lines.

 Ottomans can also look very good in more stream lined traditional rooms, like the ones pictured above. The first is a large ottoman with countless functions. In this one picture alone it works as a table, stool, and storage area. The second picture has similar uses, but as its a bit smaller it can only do one or two things at once. Still, we really like how chic this ottoman looks in the muted colour scheme room and it is a nice alternative to a coffee table.

Overall, we think ottomans are great ad can look awesome in almost any room. They can be both modern and traditional, all the while being super functional. Just remember to match them to your colour scheme, inspiration, and the layout of you room and you'll be set!

-Hayley Vanja Alex (*Double post)

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  1. Great post... Love the storage/ottoman combo!