Sunday, 22 May 2011

Interior Design in Weddings

     Many events need an interior designer to design the layout and colour scheme of their event or party. Events such as weddings, need to find a colour scheme to follow so the different colours don't clash with eachother.

This wedding reception uses white with an accent of brown. Overall, the reception looks great. Everything matches with eachother and looks great. If there was no accent, there would be too much white and it would look too bright. We like this reception, we think it has the perfect amount of colour and looks good.

This as another example of a wedding reception. This one is obviously much different from the other reception. This one has more colour and many more decorations. We think this reception is okay if you're going for a "circus" wedding style. Personally, we are afraid of clowns and don't like this. We would feel uncomfortable in this environment and feel that it has too much colour for us.

    If you're looking to add some colour to an all-white wedding, center peices are the way to go. We like this center peice because the colours looks good together and they dont overpower eachother. Depending on what colours you want to use, you can choose from different types of center peices such as a bouquet of flowers, or a single flower in a thin vase. It can also be used as a DIY project, adding whatever you want to them. Just remember, make sure the colours match!

-Hayley, Vanja & Alexandra

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  1. Also worth mentioning... professional flowers are pricey! Doing flowers like this on every table would be expensive. Make sure you budget for something like this or plant a garden a year before your wedding ;)