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Interiors Around the World

  This post is all about different interiors from different countries around the world. We will be showing different homes that we found and comparing them with homes in other countries.


  Traditional Mexican interiors use a lot of bright and vibrant colours. They rarely use white or black and create a fun and exciting environment.

 This bathroom in a traditional Mexican home has a "fiesta" theme. The sinks have an interesting and unique look to them. The borders around the mirrors give a party look to the bathroom and makes it fun and happy. The colours are bright and don't match with eachother, but they don't clash either. We think this is an interesting and fun bathroom.

 This is another example of a bathroom in Mexico. In some ways, it's similar to the bathroom in the top picture but it's also somewhat different. The colours used are similar; there is a lot of pink. However, the sink in this example is different. It has a different shape and different patterns on it. We like this bathroom because, like the top one, it gives a fun and happy feeling.
This is a hallway in a home. As you can see, there are many decorations on the wall. It's filled with different types of mirrors. The colours used are pretty much the same as the other examples. We're not sure if the staircase in the picture is for show or if it's a real staircase, but we hope it's just for show. It adds a nice touch to the wall and gives an idea of how many mirrors should be on the wall. If the staircase wasn't there, the wall would be filled with mirrors and it would be too much. We think that with the stairs there, theres a clear idea of how far the mirrors should go on the wall and how many mirrors there should be.

In this bedroom, the colours go well with eachother and give an interesting look to the room. We like the decorations in the room and we think they suit the room. We also like that the bed is in the wall because it adds a fun and unique style to the room. The sheets on the bed match the room and the pillows add some pattern to the bedroom. In conclusion, we like this room.

     Overall, we like the traditional Mexican style. We think its happy and interesting. The rooms are always colourful and appear to have a party theme to them. We think adding some ideas from Mexican interiors to your home could be fun.


Traditional Monegasque homes use a lot of white and other light colours.  Monegasque homes are very different from Mexican homes and they are similar to North American homes. 

This living room uses a lot of light colours and gives an old-fashioned feel to the home. The wicker chairs add a nice touch to the room, as do the plant on the side of the couch and  We kind of like this room, but we feel that it's too traditional for us. It has a "granny" look to it. Compared to the Mexican rooms, this is much lighter and less vibrant. 

This is a Monegasque kitchen. Much like the living room, it contains a lot of white. It looks like a kitchen you would find in North America rather than in a European country.  This kitchen has similar decor to something you would find in an American home, for example, the flowers on the island, the antique clock, etc. We like this kitchen. We think its nicely decorated and the red countertop suits the white in the kitchen. The wooden door and cupboards add a nice touch to the room and make it look more antique. We think the chandelier in the kitchen is pretty awesome. It adds class to the room.

This bathroom in Monaco resembles the kitchen and living room pictured above. It uses a lot of white and uses little and subtle accents. Both this bathroom and the kitchen have chandeliers. We like this bathroom because of the subtle accents and the vintage looking bathtub. We think that if the accents were emphasized in the room, it would be too much and the room wouldn't look as good. This bathroom is VERY different than the Mexican bathroom. It's obviously less colourful and vibrant than the Mexican interiors. Overall, we like this bathroom.

 This is an example of another bathroom in Monaco. This one is very much different than the top example. It uses soft colours and doesn't look like your regular bathroom. The ceiling is high and the room doesn't look like a bathroom until you notice the bathtub in the middle. It looks more like a lounge or closet than a bathroom. We like this bathroom. Its unique and interesting. You don't see bathrooms like this very often. It's very spacious and has a calming effect. It's obviously very different than the Mexican bathroom because it uses completely different colours and gives a different mood and feeling.
    Overall, we like the Monegasque style. We can see it spreading to North America and being used more often. Its obviously a lot more different than the Mexican styles, which use more vibrant colours.  


  Mongolian yurts are very interesting and unique. They are little huts which the family lives in. We first saw it in the movie Babies, and we thought they were different and interesting. Yurts are usually located in remote places. They are more spacious than they look, and can fit families of up to six people.

This is the inside of a yurt. Traditional Mongolian yurts use lots of different patterns and rugs. The whole yurt is covered with rugs. We find this interesting and different. They don't have a lot of money so they work with what they have, hence the couches. We think these yurts are pretty cool because you don't see them often and they don't seem like this is what they would look like on the inside. It's also cool to see how people make things with the resources they have.

This is an older picture of a Mongolian yurt. This one is covered with rugs. This is really cool. Its something you don't see everyday and the way they decorate it with rugs is interesting. The room looks very patterned and there's no direct focal point in the room. Most Mongolian yurts use vibrant colours, like reds and oranges, which is similar to the Mexican homes.

This yurt looks like it could be Mexican. The colours are the same and it gives the same feeling. This yurt is a little bit different than the first one. We think the first one was more developed, with the couch and stools. The second yurt was the oldest and only has a bed. We like how they drew patterns on the logs that are keeping the roof up. It adds a nice touch to the yurt and gives a more friendly feel. The Mongolian yurts are similar to the Mexican homes, but obviously very different than the Monegasque homes. When you see the yurts from the outside, they look like little huts, and you wouldn't expect them to be decorated in the inside. It's surprising to see the interior.

 This yurt is obviously more recent and more developed than the others. It has more subtle log holding the roof up which makes the rest of the room look more casual. The table and beds make the room look better. The rugs on the wall are interesting and look like something you could buy in Canada. The pictures on the side table add to the room.

  Overall, we think Mongolian yurts are very interesting and unique. If you wanted to incorporate some Mongolian traditions into your home, we suggest you add a rug or a subtle, patterned piece of furniture. Some yurts are similar to the Mexican style, but some are different. Also, they are different from the Monegasque homes. The style these yurts use is fun and exciting.

  Morocco uses a traditional Islamic type of style in their homes. They use lots of jewels and have a middle-eastern theme going on.

This Moroccan room is very different than the rooms from the other countries. The couch is low to the ground and the actual room itself seems to be isolated from the rest of the house. The rug adds a nice touch to the room. We like this room because we think it looks nice and comfortable. The ceiling in the room is high which makes it nicer. We also like the decorations in the room.

  This room is also Moroccan. Like the first example, the couch is also low to the ground and the rug adds a nice touch. We like the wall behind the couch, its different but it fits into the room well. The couch being low to the ground is part of the culture, just like the chairs and table is low to the ground. The lamps on both sides of the couch add class to the room. Like we said in the introduction, Moroccan styles use jewels, which are pictured on the lamps in this picture. Every room we've seen of Moroccan styles have rugs, which we like. We think they add a nice touch to any room and can fit well with most things in the room.

We've noticed that most Moroccan living rooms are isolated from the rest of the house. We find this interesting because you don't usually see the house separated like this. The living room is usually the center of the home. This is like the first example, the furniture is arranged in a similar fashion. This room gives an intimate and calming feeling. This room doesn't have a rug, and we feel thats whats missing. The room would look better and more complete with the rug. The fireplace adds a modern touch to the room. We like the walls in the room because we think if they were white, it would be too much and it would look overpowering. The walls make the room look more welcoming and less cold.

  The Moroccan decor in this bedroom makes the room look more interesting. Like the other rooms, this room has a high ceiling. The sitting area on the right side of the room adds a nice touch to the room and makes it appear more welcoming. The floor infront of the bed adds a focal point to the room. The mirrors and pictures on the wall are a nice touch and personalize the room. We like this room, we think its nice. Its very different from the Mexican and Mongolian rooms, but it uses some of the same styles as the Monegasque rooms.

    Overall, we like this style. It's very different from Mexican and Mongolian styles, but its still nice. There are many options for incorporating Moroccan styles and traditions into your home.
       In conclusion, all of these countries are on different sides of the world. They are all different, however, they all have similarities. We like all these homes and we think that each country has its own way of expressing their culture and religion through its decorating.

- Hayley, Vanja & Alexandra (quadruple post)

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  1. I fell in love with Moroccan decor when I was traveling there in 2004! Such a beautiful country!