Friday, 13 May 2011

Valentines Resort, Harbour Island, Bahamas

We chose to blog about the Valentines Resort in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Harbour Island is one of the smallest island in the Bahamas and it has very few resorts on it. This makes it very relaxing, the opposite from Atlantis. We really like this resort because its made up of little cabins which you can stay in, as well as a beautiful beach and restaurant.

The rooms at Valentines have a very warm feel to them. The colour scheme is accented neutral with mostly beiges in the bedrooms with coral tones in the artwork and some of the furniture. The pieces of furniture are quite big, so there aren't very many of them. This creates a laid-back, comfortable space. The rooms aren't very traditional or modern, but like many resorts they are timeless. In the cabins, there are lots of windows and balconies so the views and beach air come into the space and complete the beach experience. We really like that they haven't gotten too themed with the rooms, because that can look really tacky. If we could, though, we might add a bit more colour to the rooms. It is the Bahamas, after all, a bit more colour wouldn't hurt.

Unlike the neutral interiors of the cabins at Valentines Resort, The buildings and ground themselves are very colourful. The cabins are painted in pastels versions of typical tropical colours, such as coral, blue, and yellow. This fun addition adds to the care-free mood of being on vacations and relaxing. The pool is also really gorgeous. There is tonnes of greenery all over the grounds of the resort, from palm trees to tropical flowers. Finally, the beaches on Harbour Island are some of the nicest in the world, and the one in front of Valentines isn't any different. The white sand and turquoise blue water are beautiful, and there are plenty of beach chairs provided so anyone visiting can enjoy it for themselves.

-Hayley, Alexandra, & Vanja

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