Friday, 13 May 2011

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

We chose to do our third hotel blog about Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. It is one of the most famous resorts on the Vegas strip for it's luxurious style  and service. There are many features at Caesar's Palace, including many restaurants, pools, and even an art gallery. 

The entire feel of Caesar's Palace is evident in the lobby. There are large columns all around the circular room, each decorated with etched-in details. The marble floor has a mosaic effect with various designs and the lobby is centred around a greek-god-inspired fountain. The check-in desks are around the border of the room and there are various pieces of artwork depicting the greek gods on the walls. The lobby has a very extravagant feel to it, like you are stepping back in time. Any other place, we would think this lobby was way too over the top, but in Sin City itself, this theme fits perfectly. We wouldn't change anything about this lobby. It is supposed to be a spectacle, and it it exactly that.

In contrast to the traditional, extravagant feel of the lobby, the rooms at Caesar's Palace are actually quite modern. Each has a balcony that looks out onto The Strip. The rooms are mostly light colours with an accent in  a deeper, more regal colours, such as plum or olive green. The furniture is quite large, like in most hotels, and the wood used is mostly dark. We really like these rooms and think that even though they don't exactly match with the lobby, they work well because they too give off the feeling of luxury and elegance. If the designers had tried to make the rooms as Greek-inspired as the lobby, we think it would have been way too much decoration and turned from a comfortable room into something outrageous. There is one thing we don't like though, and thats the tacky patterned carpet in some of the rooms. We would take this out and replace it with a more neutral one.

 Bradley Ogden American Restaurant
Mesa Grill

There are 14 restaurants at Caesar's Palace. Though they serve different kinds of food, they all go with the theme of the resort. Each is elegant and don't feel like a typical hotel restaurant. Their design is similar to the of the lobby in that they have warm colours schemes and use a lot of detail, such as high ceilings, chandeliers, and intricate mouldings.

Overall, we love the design of Caesar's Palace. We think that it works perfectly with the whole Vegas feel and would love to stay there some time in the future

-Alexandra, Vanja, & Hayley (*Double Post)

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  1. The carpet in hotels is usually really bad isn't it!! Yuck!