Sunday, 8 May 2011

Divided Drawers

Have you ever opened up a drawer and been hit by an unorganized overflowing mess? They're impossible! first you can't find what your looking for and then when you do, it takes you another five minutes to cram the clutter back in so the drawer will close. Well those days are over, thanks to the ultimate small-space organizers, the drawer divider.

Bathroom drawers are one of the hardest to organize because there are so many little containers and tools  to rummage through. This makes some kind of almost a necessity. Some bathroom drawers have dividers built into them, but most don't. This means that it's up to you to add your own organization. We really like this organizer because of the multiple compartments it has. They are a variety of sizes so that you can separate somethings while keeping others together. Also, the fact that it is made of clear plastic makes it versatile. It could work in any room with any colour scheme and not look like it was clashing. Finally, we like how it takes up the whole drawer, forcing you to use the organizational system and it just throw it down the side.

Organization is also very important in a kitchen because there are so many gadgets and pieces of cutlery. Often things have several pieces and cords always seem to tangle, so dividers and baskets are very helpful. The above picture is a combination of both built-in dividers and separate baskets. The cutlery on the far left is in a removable basket, which is convenient for when you are entertaining or need to bring cutlery somewhere. The rest of the drawers have built-in dividers. This drawer is extremely organized, with compartments for a hand mixer and other kitchen tools. Overall, we love how simple this drawer would make finding things and think that anyone would agree.

Though not as common, organizers in drawers where you store your clothing are very helpful. Whether separated into small boxes, like the tie drawer above, or split once down the middle, adding separation into your drawers is like expanding the space. With a simple division down the middle, one drawer can double as two and house more than one type of clothing. We really like this form of organization and we would like to try something similar in our own rooms.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra

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  1. I bet you could DIY this project with a little cardboard and an exacto knife (not on your kitchen table though! cut it up outside!)