Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today's post is about lamps. Lamps are small but important features of rooms and shouldn't be overlooked. They add light to even the darkest rooms to make them warm and welcoming. Also, lamps are great accessories. They can change the entire feel of a room and be an inspiration piece or a element towards a bigger theme. Finally, lamps are very important in spaces because without them, the room just looks like it has something missing. They're a staple in any room and make the design look that much more put together and finished. So, lets take a look at a couple of different types that we really like.

The first lamp that we chose is a DIY project. DIY is a great way to renew your space and add some life to a room without breaking the bank. Also, it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can say that you made something that you use everyday. To do this DIY project, all you need are some bottle caps, some fishing wire, and a base for the the lamp. Simply poke holes through each side of the bottle cap, thread the fishing wire through and attach  them to the lighted base. This lamp ends up looking really chic and modern and it doesn't look like a DIY project.

Another great way to display light in a room is candle light! candle light can be very relaxing and romantic and give a room a completely different feel than normal lamps. We love candle light, especially when the candle holders are modern and intricate. here are a few examples.

 This hanging candle holder is more simple, but still has enough detail to be nice. The curves make it look more modern and fun.
 This candle holder is a little more classic, but we like the look of the hanging holders. We're not too fond of the stones because we think the amber is a bit dated, but other than that we give this a thumbs up!
 This wall candle holder doubles as a piece of art. The intricate twists of the wrought iron and the different sized candles make the candle golder look nice in almost any space.
This table top candle holder is really cool. It almost looks like the candles are planted in trees, which is a nice feature. We would be a bit worried about the branches catching fire, but other than that we think its creative and modern.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alex

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  1. Cool DIY project! I wonder what else you could do with those caps??!!