Friday, 10 June 2011

Window treatments

Window treatments can change the entire mood of a room. They can make a room look put together and finished as well as being functional parts of the room. Before we begin, lets define a few window terms:
  • Finial: The ornament at the end of a curtain rod that holds the curtains on the rod. They are usually decorative, though they come on all styles, shapes, and colours
  • Tie-Back: The tie used to hold long drapes out off to the side of whatever they are covering. These too come in tonnes of varieties.
  • Curtain Lining: The inside of the curtains that faces the window. This lining finishes the seams of the viewed side of the curtain.
  • Valence: The rod used to secure stationary window treatments. These are often thicker than regular curtain rods and the curtains are tighter fit on them since they don't slide back and forth.
  • Grommets: The rings around the fabric where the curtains are put on the rod. These used to be hidden by curtains but in modern design they are focal points of the curtains.
Now time for the fun part. We're going to show various types of curtain treatments and give examples and opinions of each. so here it goes.


Swag blinds are probably one of the simplest types of window treatments there are really no rules. You don't need many tools and it's very easy to get creative and do whatever you want to. Swags are stationary blinds that are just tied onto the rod and spread out until you like how they look. You can use multiple fabrics and do anything you would like to. They are the beginners window treatment because you can't do it wrong!

We really like swags because there is so much you can do with them. Depending on the fabric you use and how intricate you get with the swags, you can create a simple to intricate look. Also, we like how swags still allow for other window treatments without crowding the window.

Over the past couple of year, sheers have become really big as far as window treatments go. Not long ago sheers were thought of as an inner lining of sorts and were rarely seen separately from the heavy curtains, but recently this has all changed. Sheers have become window treatments in their own respect, adding light and openness to many spaces.

Sheers are a great place to show off modern grommets, like in the first picture. The stainless steel ones in the first picture add simplicity to the room while making it look a little edgy. Sheers are also now patterned to make them seem more like real curtains.

Roman Shades
The last type of window treatment we decided to feature are roman blinds. Roman shades are the ultimate window treatment because they act as blinds and curtains at the same time. They have panels with fabric connecting them together to create an all-in-one.

Overall there are many types of window treatments, all of different styles and themes. Match the style and colour to your room and you will have a functional, attractive window space that you'll love.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (Double Post)

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