Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DIY: Branch Chandelier

   For this post, we decided to do a fun DIY project. This branch chandelier would look great in an eco-friendly home. It is a great way to incorporate being environmentally friendly into your home. The chandelier brings an "earthly" feel to the room.

   The first step is to start the building of the chandelier. First, you need to gather branches. You can do this by picking through your yard or just going to crafts store and buying them. When you have all your branches, you want to start weaving them together. The amount of branches you put depends on the size of the chandelier. If you're looking for a large chandelier, then you use more branches. As you weave them together, use zip ties to secure them.


    The second step is to add the electrical wires. Choose a few thicker branches to install the UL lightbulbs and wires in. Drill a hole down the branch and using a knife, cut length-wise down the branch. Attach UL wires to a UL-approved socket and put a socket in each opening. Insert the wire through the branch and screw a light bulb onto each socket.


   The third step is to fill the openings with glue and attach the UL electrical wires on top and secure it with zip ties. When the glue dries, take off the zip ties. Fill the chandelier with more branches if needed, to cover bare spots.

-Hayley, Vanja & Alexandra

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