Saturday, 11 June 2011

Patio Furniture: Wood!

Probably the most traditional, wooden patio furniture is classic. Like wicker, there are tonnes of different styles of wooden patio furniture that work well in all types of spaces. There are many types of wood that can be used in furniture, and each grain and colour has a different feel, so really, you can't go wrong!

This first table and chairs set is a simple, traditional set. It isn't painted or stained, so the focus is put on the design of the chairs. The table is a classic round table that too is very simple. The only intricate part of this set are the chairs, which have a trestled design that we really like. It adds some class to this set. We like this table and chairs because of it's simplicity. We think that it is a clean slate of sorts and would work in any backyard. But there is one thing we would do, add some nice cushions to liven the pieces up!

The focus of this next set is all wood. Not because it's that intricate, but because it's all there is. This set is all wood panels, including all 4 chairs and the table. This set looks very modern. The wood is not stained or painted, and it looks like it has seen a bit of wear. Also, the slant on the backs of the chairs and the square structure of the chairs add to the modern look. Overall, we think this set is a little too simple. We think it looks too worn and extremely uncomfortable. It is interesting to look at, but thats all we would want to use it for because we would be afraid of getting a bruise if we sat down too hard.

This next set is a little bit more detailed, but not in the wood part. This wood also has no paint or stain on these pieces, but with the cushions it takes on a whole different look. The orange brings out the warm tones of the wood. Also, the cushions make the furniture look more luxurious. Without the cushions, these pieces would be very flat and probably more simple than the first set. We like this entire set and think it would look well in a large outdoor space, especially in a outdoor living space near a fireplace. With a different colour cushion, this set could look very different. White cushions, like the picture below, make the wood look a lot darker and more finished. The entire set looks more modern, as well.

Sometimes, you don't need an entire set of patio furniture in your back yard. It's nice to have a focus on one or two pieces, like perhaps a bench...

 This first bench is a double threat. It's not only a bench, but a storage cabinet as well. We like the espresso stain on it and the streamlined planks. We think that even though there is no cushion on this bench, it would be fine to sit on for a while, unlike one of the previous patio sets. It would look very nice on a pool deck or with another set with similar colouring. 

 This bench is extremely modern. We're not sure how they made this bench, but we think they might have heated and moulded the wood. However they made it, we like it! The wood in this hasn't been stained painted, but we think it might have been lightly stained to bring out the grain of the wood. This bench wouldn't work well with all patios, but in a modern chis area, it would be perfect. 

This bench is totally different than the first two. Though it too is sculptured, it is much more natural than the other sculptured piece. It looks like it has been carved our of one large log, as do the legs. It has been stained to bring out the grain of the wood, like the previous bench. We think this bench is really cool, but it wouldn't work well in many places. It is perfect for a beachy, laid back patio, or even a park, like in the picture above.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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  1. Received. FYI the only woods that are suitable for outdoor use are cedar and teak (they have enough natural oil in them to repel water, unlike every other type of wood)