Saturday, 11 June 2011

Home-Made Vignettes

This blog is all about vignettes, little centre pieces of grouped objects that not only fill space but they also make your rooms theme more complete. We decided to first look at some vignettes by other people, to see how they did it, and then try for ourself. After looking at other vignettes, we think we were able to come up with some pretty nice ones!

We think this first vignette is very modern and funky. It's focal point is the abstract picture behind the cabinet, which set the tone for the rest of the vignette and also the rest of the room. There are varying heights in this vignettes, from the high sculpture on the far left to the plant in the centre. This also makes it look more modern and different from a structured, symmetrical vignette. We like the mirrored cabinet that the vignette sits on too. Usually just the base for the grouping, this cabinet becomes a part of it and adds to the theme of the whole room. Overall, we like this edgy, young vignette and think it would look great in a home with a miami feel.

This vignette is very different from the first. Though it does begin on a bench with the rock basket and pail, it travels far past the bench onto the wall above. This makes the space look larger and utilizes the entire area, not just the bench surface. We like how all of the pictures are in black and white because we think it works really well with the pale blue walls. In this vignette, it is very easy to see that the designer was going for a beachy vibe, and it was done successfully. The added feature of the wood below the bench and the different sizes of the frame make it look a little bit more home made, which completes the laid back look.

Now, it's our turn.

This was our first vignette. We decided to make it on top of a black bookshelf because we thought it would be a nice pace to start with a blank slate. Also, being against the metallic purple wall, we didn't need to put a large picture to add spark. Metallic purple is as sparky as you can get! There are two focuses to this vignette, the shot glasses and the pictures. The candles and little black cabinet of bath products are extra elements that help to complete the look, but it's not hat should be focussed on.

This picture frame is the focus to our vignette because friends are so important to us. These pictures represent us and all of our friends and the fun times we've had. Some of these pictures are a little old and will need to be replaced with new ones, but it's hard to keep up because we take pictures all the time, so these will do for now.

The other part of our vignette that we chose to focus on are the shot glasses! we all have shot glass collections from mostly the same places, so it really ties us together. Whenever one of our friends goes away, they're responsible for bringing back 6 matching shot glasses from where ever they went. And they have to match, we don't want any shot glass wars! The shot glasses show our fun, youthful style, and they're mostly all black and red too, which has become the theme apparently.
 This "I got tipsy in Alaska" glass got a little tipsy itself, its slanted! this is definitely one of our favourites.
 Don't think too hard about who LV is, we love Las Vegas!
 Couldn't find a shot glass on a key chain, so we had to settle for a shot glass with a key chain from Victoria, Canada, eh?
 Though its a little hard to see from the picture, we really love San Francisco! This one goes perfectly with the Vegas one too
This shot glass is from Alcatraz, and old high security prison, but it looks too us like one bandit got away!

This vignette shows us as a group of friends and little element of what we're about. IT was fun to make and we think that it is very "us."

Our second vignette is a lot more traditional. It has a symmetrical feel and goes well with the earth tones used throughout the room (Even though you can't see it, take our word for it, this room is all neutrals.) It's focus is candles and the tree ornament in the middle. This vignette has a laid back, clean feel that we thought contrasted the first vignette really well. 
There are a lot of candle holders in this vignette. They are matching on either side with the same coloured candles for a very clean look. We thought the symmetry worked really well in this vignette. The greens in the candles goes with the neutral feel of the room.

The other element of this vignette is the tree ornament pieces in the middle. It is in a vase filled with sand, covered with river stones, and the ornament is placed in the middle. This pieces has two looks to it. It looks natural when the piece isn't lit up, but when it is turned on and the tips of the branches light, it looks whimsical and adds a really cool light to the room.

Overall, we think vignettes are a great way to add yourself to your room, so try it out! all you need is a flat space, a theme, and mementos of you for a great, personalized vignette!

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Triple Post)

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