Monday, 13 June 2011

Patio Furniture: Wrought Iron!

The next part in our patio furniture series is wrought iron patio furniture. Like other mediums, wrought iron can work in many different types of spaces with many different themes. In this blog, we're going to show you just how versatile wrought iron can be!

This first bar stool and table set is quite unique. The bottoms and backs of the chairs look almost woven, which isn't an easy effect to achieve with iron.. The table top has a similar design, but it is more tightly woven, for obvious reasons. You wouldn't want a table where things could fall through the holes! This set, like most traditonal wrought iron pieces, is black. We think that the dark colour makes this set look classy. Even though it is traditional, it is timeless and would have been stylish 10 years ago and will be stylish 10 years from now. We really like this set and think it would look nice in a back yard garden
This full table and chairs set is similar to the first set shown. It too is the traditional black wrought iron and has the same classy look. The design of the iron is a little different, though. Instead of a woven effect, these chairs and table top have a mesh iron look to them. This is probably a bit more comfortable than the woven, though some colourful cushions would still be nice. This set also has full arm chairs and a much larger table, which would work well for dining. We like this set, but we think it is a little basic for our tastes. Like we said before, cushions would help a lot not only with comfort, but to bring some life to this table and chairs. We think this set would look nice is any average backyard or patio, but not in a modern, youthful space.
This next set screams old lady! The wrought iron has been woven and the intricate designs on the chairs are bad enough, but when you add the low table and spray paint it white it all becomes a huge mess! This is not to say that we don't like vintage, but this case is just not working! There isn't much hope for this set in our eyes, but if you are extremely attached to this set, you could always add a coat of darker pain and some bright coloured or even patterned cushions. It might end up looking acceptable and if your really good, maybe even nice!

We really like this wrought iron table and chairs set. The wrought iron on the back of the chairs has a cool design and the neutral cushions go well with the table. Our favourite part of this set is the table. IT is not wrought iron on the top, but we think that it probably has wrought iron legs. But the top is really cool. The tile design is very classy and almost looks Grecian with the granite in the middle, but the best part by far is the fire pit in the middle. Though it isn't a really fire. it still gives off the effect without being extremely dangerous. We would put this table in almost any space because the neutral colours work in most themes. Also, who doesn't want a table that can keep you warm while holding your drink!?

Sometimes, an entire wrought iron set is just too much. The great thing about wrought iron is that it doesn't only work when it is in a set, individual pieces look nice in most spaces, too!
 This traditional bench would look nice in almost any space. We like how a different coloured cushion would change the look completely and adapt it to a modern, old fashioned, or gardeny theme.
This piece is very old fashio9ned. It's extravagant design would work well in a very formal space, like a rose garden. We like this bench, but we think it would be hard to work with.
This final bench is uber modern. We love the Butterfly! Unlike most benches, a cushion would ruin the look of this because it would cover up the butterfly design and it could make it look like a normal, yet a little weird bench. We think that this bench has to be the focal point of an area and would look great in a garden or park space.

Overall, wrought iron is a great medium to work with and is very adaptable to your back Yard or patio theme. Pick a piece that represents you and your personality, have fun with it!

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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