Friday, 3 June 2011

Game Rooms

  We think that game rooms are an excellent and fun space to have. Whether you just want to kick back and relax with a video game, or you want to prove you're the champ at everything, game rooms are good for everyone. They're not just needed as a place to keep the kids busy, adults can have tons of fun in game rooms. Not many homes have game rooms, but they are starting to become more popular. Why not turn the den or that extra bedroom into one?
   Game rooms can be as simple as this one. Just a pool table. This room is a great place to chill and hang out. The bar adds a nice touch. We like this game room. It's simple, yet fun. The chandelier above the pool table is great and fits with the rest of the room. It gives the effect that you're in a bar or pub and not in your home. We think the room itself is great to be used as a game room because it's open and bright. Overall, we like this game room.

If you want to go for an arcade look, this game room is for you. We think this game room would obviously be very entertaining, but it doesn't look like it would be a good place to hangout with the friends. The first game room has the bar and a game that more than one person can play (pool), whereas this one is more of an individual hangout. There are no games that can be played in groups. We think it's interesting and we think it would be pretty cool to have this in your house, however, we would throw out the lifesize cutout of Mini-Me because it's creepy.
If you're looking for a way to keep active, go with the ping pong table. Most tables are made to fold up so they're easy to store. You can just put it up against a wallor shove it in a corner somewhere until you feel like playing again. Living in Vancouver, you see a lot of rain. Having the ping pong table inside the house would be an entertaining way of keeping busy. A downside to the ping pong table is it can't be played as a one player game. You need someone on the other side to return the ball, duh. We think ping pong tables go great in game rooms. They keep you from becoming COMPLETLEY lazy, and you can count it as exercising every time you play!
We love game rooms. We hope the trend catches on and they become more common. Usual games include pool, ping pong, arcade games (Pacman, Pinball, etc.), air hockey and of course, foosball. Game rooms are a great way to liven up the house and add some fun to it.

-Vanja, Hayley & Alexandra

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