Friday, 10 June 2011

The Customers Always Right

No matter how much we hate it, sometimes we have difficult people that we have to deal with. In this case, we're imagining that a client that we are designing a bedroom for has some weird connection to this awful rug and they insist that it is in the room. So, since we don't really have a choice, we have to make it work. Today, we're going to show you three different combinations that we could suggest to create a bearable, possibly stylish bedroom. 

Option #1:
The first option we chose accents the burgundy in the rug. This duvet cover and sham set is a rich burgundy colour and would go really nicely with the rug. Also, the subtle pattern would add another dimension to the room. We like the matching shams, too, because we think if you added too many different features it would get too busy. the cost for one queen duvet cover and 2 shams is $21.40

The next component of this set is the sheets. This picture shows a few different colours, but we chose the one on the far right. This is a gold colour that will go well with the red. Also, we chose a solid colour so the patterns wouldn't clash. This set is 500 thread count and is $49.99.

The bedskirt we chose to go with this set matches the colour of the sheets. It is also a solid colour and costs $79.99. 

The last component of this set is the throw. We decided to stay with the gold and red theme and get a gold throw. Red would have been overkill on the colour. Though we didn't choose another pattern, we did pick a throw with an interesting texture, which we thought added a little something extra to the set. This throw costs $39.99.

Option #2:

For our second option, we thought we would go for the darker tones in the rug to make it a focal point. Because even though we're not too fond of it, the client must think the rugs nice if they insist on keeping it.

This option is a little simpler than the first because it all comes as one set. The ivory sheets with the chocolate piping on the sides and the subtle pin stripe ties in well with the chocolate brown duvet. Also, we like how the duvet that the geometric pattern because we think it ties in well with shapes in the rug. This entire set including the duvet cover, sheet set, and two shams is $127.79.

We thought a simple ivory bedskirt would work well with this set. It costs $32.99.

For the throw, we decided to go with a simple ivory coloured blanket . We like how soft it looks and think it would bring a feminine touch to the pin striped sheets. this throw costs $29.99.

Option #3:

Again, we went with the simplicity of a set. This also guarantees a a colour match, which is always good. 

We picked a duvet cover in a yellow tone for the third option. Unlike the first two, this duvet cover and sham set are a solid colour, which is a golden, burnt yellow. We picked this hue because we didn't want the yellow to be too overpowering. Personally, it's still a bit too much yellow for us but hey, if the client likes that rug they must like yellow! This set costs $54.99.

A simple ivory sheets set would work very well with this duvet. It is light enough to break up the yellow, but the softness of ivory will make it look like a better fit. A stark white would be too cut and dry. This set costs $29.99.

To ground the bed, we would put a dark brown bedskirt on the bed. It will blend make the bed look more substantial in the room and it's a simple, solid coloured staple to this bedroom set. This Bedskirt costs $24.99.

The throw is where we decided to add the fun touch in this set. we like the checkers and how they tie together all the colours of the rug and the bed set. This throw costs $39.99.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Triple Post)

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