Tuesday, 7 June 2011


For our second lighting blog, we decided to write about lanterns. Especially in the summer and spring, lanterns are great ways of adding flare to balconies, patios, and any other space to make it look more tropical. Many people use lanterns in their design all year round, which we really like because it brings a fun, laid back mood to a space.

This tent space is probably decorated for a wedding, showing how lanterns can provide great ambiance. We love how many lanterns there are because it makes it look like there are little planets floating above the table. We might have chosen a different colour or varied the colours a little but, but overall we think this is a great example of lanterns in a banquet space.

These lanterns are totally different from the first, but we still really like them. In this picture, the setting is a laid back back yard , so the large lanterns would look out of place and over done. The miniature lanterns look cute in this space, and the fact that they're strung together creates a bit of separation. This will section off the back yard into different areas without closing off the rest of the yard. We like the different colours of the lanterns, we think that they add a modern, fun feel.

We really like these lanterns as well, but they are a little different then the last to. The previous lanterns that we have showcased have been round, paper lantern, while these lanterns are glass, square lanterns. They kind of remind us of camping lantern that have been redone to look very sophisticated. These lanterns are also candles, another thing that we really like. These lanterns work with the design of the rest of the room because of the earth tones and exposed wood on the walls, going along with the high-class camping, log cabin feel.

These candle holder lanterns are some of the most modern lanterns we have seen. The geometric like shaped metal at the top does double duty, working as a way to carry the lantern when it's lit and adding to the modern feel. We like how  there are different sized candles in each lantern, as well as different colour glass and the different height of the lanterns.

Lanterns also work well in bedrooms. These lanterns are more accessories than light fixture, but we like them all the same. They add youth to this bedroom, which is always appealing to a young person. The lanterns are fun and pick up the light from the window well. Also, the grey colour of the lanterns match the bedspread, tying the room together nicely.

We like this room, but we don't think that the lanterns work as well as they could. There are a lot of components to the room before the lanterns, it's kind of all over the place. Sure, there's a defined colour scheme, but there are so many features. Multiple beds, stickers, and furniture in the middle of the room make it hard to focus on one particular part, and the focus definitely isn't the lanterns. They look oversized in the corner and we think that it's just too much. Maybe if they were more central in the room and get rid of about half of the accessories and the lanterns might look nice. 

Overall, we love lanterns all year in many different kinds of spaces. There are lots of different shapes, sizes, and variations of lantern, but when used in the right way, they all remind us of the laid back feeling we get on warm July nights. So, with a lantern on our balcony, we say bring on summer!

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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