Monday, 13 June 2011


Shelves are great! They're so useful and can be so versatile. Whether used to organize your books or put decorative objects on so that the rest of your house wont be a mess, shelves are great to have in every room! Shelves are also nice to place free standing in any room of the house. Shelves can hold  flowers, books, or even organize papers and pottery.

We really like this shelf because it is unique and well designed. The white wall works well with the blue and white shelving, and the blue becomes the focus of the wall. Also, the objects on it stand out. The leaf and branch paintings coming off of the corners of the different levels of the shelf make it look that much classier. We would use this shelve more as a decorative piece than a functional shelf to hold things. We might add something small, though, maybe a white flower.

This book shelf is in a great location, underneath the staircase, and the attached desk makes this an all-in-one office space! This shelf is great because it is easy access and it is big too, so you can put a lot of stuff on it.
What we like about it is that it is very functional and there are multiple levels of the book shelf to help with organization. What we don't like is that it is very high and may be hard to reach if your not a giant! Remember, you want a book shelf that is somewhat your height so you can reach the top shelf without too much trouble. 

This self is our favourite by far. It's funky and totally changes up what everyone picture when they hear the word shelf. We love this one, it is fun and is really easy to work with. Not so sure where you would place it, but we would put it in a computer room or in a bedroom that has a lot of space. A office would be an interesting place to have it too. You can place anything on this shelf because of the multiple levels and the tubes give it separation. Like in the picture, this shelf looks great with big flowers and even a kitchen coffee maker!

Overall shelves are great ways to store, display, and even hide objects while remaining stylish and organized.

 Alexandra,Vanja & Hayley

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