Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Patio Furniture: Outdoor Fireplaces!

For the final part of our patio furniture series, we decided to look at outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor patio spaces are always fun, but adding a fire place brings hr space over the top! They not only warm up the space on chilly days and nights, but they add class and make the space feel more like an inside room with great lighting.

We like this fireplace. The square shape is really modern and the neutral brown colour adds to this look. We also like the grill on top because when the fireplace is turned off, you could use it to hold things on. This fireplace works well with the stone flooring and the colour of the patio furniture's cushions, though we would stan the wood a darker brown.

Tis fireplace is very modern. We like how it has the water pouring out to the pool so close, the contrast between the fire and the water is really unique. We also like how the fire isn't the regular pit, but a line of fire. This isn't exactly a fire that you could sit around to roast marshmallows, but we still really like it and think it gives off a very miami vibe.

This fire pit is a little more traditional. The fire looks really small and even a little lost in the big marble slab, so we would probably make a bigger fire, but we like it all the same. The bottom of the pit matches the wrought iron chairs surrounding it to create a complete outdoor room feeling. Finally, the fire column beside the fire looks cool, but we think they should have focussed the fire to one area in a bigger way instead of a couple of smaller parts.

This outdoor fireplace is really cool. Unlike the last one, the fire is anything but lost in this pit as it takes up the entire space. The cool fire designs on the pit make the fire look even bigger, and if you look close enough you can even see some of the licks in the actual fire. This pit would be cool to sit around, but the fire looks so big that we would be afraid of it overflowing the pit. But that's nothing a little careful watching won't help! The small circular bottom to the pit make this look like a ball of fire, something we really like.

this fire pit is the opposite of the other one in that it's completely safe. WEll, as safe as fire can get! The deep pit has a woven affect so you can see the fire even when it is not tall enough to reach over the top of the pit. We like the wrought iron, it gives the feel of an old blacksmiths fireplace. Also, the mesh like cover on top keeps a barrier between the flames while still being able to enjoy the heat and beauty of the fire. We think this is a great fire pit to have in any back yard and would work well for everyone, even those with smaller children, because of the safety precautions that have been taken.

Our final fireplace is kind of a response to the earlier on with the small fire in the marble slab. This is fire pit shows how by just rounding the circles of the slab into a circle shape, the fire appears to be bigger, though we doubt it actually is. IF the earlier example had had a square fire or a rounded pit, it would have looked more in proportion but with the different shapes it looked too small. We like this fire pit, especially the stone covered base. IT goes well with the patio furniture that has been put around it, and this whole set could be placed in almost any back yard space because it is neutral and goes with most spaces.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra (*Double Post)

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