Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a good way of expressing how you feel in a room. They're very exciting and can lighten up a room with different and bright colours. In some situations, polka dots can be overpowering and can seem very out of place.

This is an example of  polka dots being used in moderation. As we can see, it is a great colour palette with a light brown dresser and a white back round with black polka dots. This room feels calm and elegant. We think its because this room is very basic and there are not that many bright colours. 

This bathroom is an example of what not to do. We think this bathroom is overdone and has too many colours clashing with each other. We feel that polka dots in bathrooms are okay in small doses, because it is such a small room and a small amount of polka dots can make it look overdone. The toilet seat cover is not working for this room. To make this room better, we would tone down the colours and put in minimal amounts of polka dots, if any.

We kind of like this room, but we think that it is a bit overdone. The prints and colours clash with each other. If we could change this room, we would take out the striped bedskirt and the patterned pillows, that way, the polka dots would be the center of attention.

Polka dots in accessories look great. They create a focal point in the room. The picture on the left is a polka dotted wall clock that we think would look great in a kitchen. The pillows on the right would be a great accessory in a living room or bedroom, as throw pillows.

Overall, we feel that polka dots are a great idea in most rooms. We think they should be used in moderation and shouldn't be splattered across the entire space.

-Vanja, Hayley & Alexandra

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