Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spring Trend #4: Metallic Accessories

Our fourth trend for the 2011 spring season is metallic accessories. Metallic in general is really big right now in many design sectors, from fashion to the auto industry to, of course, interior design. Whether gold, silver, copper, or just a metallic purple or blue, its really easy to incorporate this classy trend into any room.

 This living room is an example of how metallic accessories can add a modern touch to a room. The chrome effect on the chandelier makes it look much more contemporary than an average chandelier, which can be extremely traditional and somewhat boring. This might have happened to this chandelier had it not been chrome, which would have clashed with the rest of the room. The dark lampshade on the bulbs of the chandelier also contribute to the look. The other metallic features are the pair of table lamps behind the couch. They also have a chrome finish with dark shade, matching the chandelier, and the unique shape adds to the modern mood in this room. We like this room a lot, especially the chrome light fixture. We love how the chrome will reflect the light from the bulbs, sending light out from many angles and lighting the room in a really cool way.

Metallic can also be used as a centre piece of a room in the form of wall art. We love metallic wall art. We think it's really modern and works well in many types of rooms, especially bedrooms. Metallic wall art comes in all types. Some are pictures with metallic paint while others are sculptures of shaped and woven metals. This is what makes metallic wall art so cool. Its versatile and really personal to your design style. Colour can also be incorporated into the art pieces, which can make your room feel more put together as the colour scheme is followed. Or try making the art piece the centre of attention in the room. A coloured metallic piece will pop in any neutral room.

There are lots of great things about metallic accessories, and metallics in general, but the best thing, they're neutral! True metallics like silvers and golds can be paired with any colour scheme and it won't clash. Actually, it will add dimension to the room, creating an interesting space that you'll love!

-Alexandra, Hayley, &Vanja

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  1. What about mixing metals? Can I put chrome and brass togheter? How do I make it look good with more than one type of metal in a room?