Tuesday, 5 April 2011


One of the big colours this spring season is lavender. The light purple colour is a very soft, soothing colour that brings an edge of sophistication to any room. Because of these qualities of lavender, we think it works best when used in a bedroom. This creates a calm atmosphere to go to as an escape from stress and just relax. lavender prints in particular add colour without the room becoming too monochromatic and, consequently, boring. We think lavender looks best when accompanied by light creams and white in a pattern so that lavender is the focus colour, but it also looks good when combined with other neutrals or complimentary colours. We have attached two ways of adding lavender to a room to make a statement. One way is in the furniture and linens, which makes a more classy, traditional look, while the printed wallpaper, curtains, and pillows in the other room add a contemporary, uptown feel to the space, proving how similar colours can create very different moods.

There are also lots of ways to bring lavender into your room without it becoming too overbearing and girly. Framing pictures in lavender frames add a splash of the colour, while a more drastic effect can be added with a lavender-hued picture, like the one we have included in this post, a Bild print from Ikea.

 Lamps can also be a fun way to accent a colour you love without having your room screaming "I LOVE LAVENDER!" to anyone who enter. This one from Pier 1 Imports does just that with its interesting shape and material.
However you decide to bring lavender into your room, whether it be in a big statement or little details, always remember to stay true to your tastes and decorating style. You will be the one who has to live with it, so be sure that you love it. and don't be afraid to take risks! Try something new and see how it works. Who knows, you could uncover a new love of lavender. And even if you don't thats okay. thats the great thing about redecorating, you can do it as often as you would like!

- Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra


  1. Great post ladies... How am I marking this? Who gets the mark?

    You can also talk about the different shades of lavender. Some are more blue and others are mroe yellow.

  2. We're splitting the marks, we will have other posts up so it's easier for you to divide.