Thursday, 21 April 2011

Our 3 Least Favourite Colours: #2- Dark Green

Generally, we love green. We think that most shades look great in any room especially when use in accessories, but there is one exception; Dark Green. Yes, it can look classy in a library or office, but it also makes a room look like a cave. On the walls, dark green sucks practically all of the light out of a room. This makes dark green particularly hard to work with.

This room is an example of how dark green walls takes all the light out of a room. Though you can see that there is natural light in the room from an obvious unseen window, the only place you can tell this is the light carpet. The rest of the room sucks in the light and doesn't let any off. There is also a large chandelier that has been added in hopes of lighten ing the room, but unfortunately it hasn't helped at all. We find this room very dull and even somewhat depressing, definitely not a room we would want to spend time in.

This library type room is a little better than the last room, as in there is some light in it and you don't feel like you're entering a vampires lair, but it too is not one that we would choose to have in our homes. The green looks faded, and when paired with the dark green velvet couch and dated accessories it feels more like a museum exhibit than a place we would design. The shade of green also makes the room feel cold and almost unwelcoming. Overall, we think this room is a big thumbs down.

But there is hope for dark green yet! 

We think there are a few guide lines to using green in a room. a darker hue is not our preference, but if it's yours, try these tips:

  • Use a green with warmer undertones! An olive toned green, which has warm undertones, can actually look really classy, while a forest green, which has cool undertones, is dated and dark.

  • On walls, accent with green and keep the rest light! A green accent wall in an other wise light room will still be bright enough to prevent the cave effect.

  • Less is more! One or two touches of dark green is much better than a monochromatic mess.

  • Keep it natural! There is one place where we really like dark green; plants! in the right space, add flowers and shrubs to brighten up the room, which is usually the opposite effect of the deep colour.
-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra

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