Friday, 22 April 2011


Spring is all about fresh, new design. It's about getting out of the winter drab and bringing life back into our homes, and we think one of the easiest ways to bring life is to bring light. Mirrors are a super simple way to bring light because they reflect light so well. They can change the entire feel of a room, plus they're convenient to have for a quick touch up.

Mirrors can make a space feel literally double the size it really is, and one of the smallest space in any home is a hallway. These cramped corridors can easily become suffocating, and a mirror is the perfect way to open up the space. We chose one with table and stools underneath it for our first example, but if the hall is too small for that a mirror alone will create an illusion of more space. Just remember to keep the mirror in sync with your colour scheme, you don't want it to clash or become to overpowering in such a tiny space. In this case, a more simple, main-stream mirror is definitely the way to go.

Unlike in a hallway where less is more, a statement piece wall mirror in a bedroom looks great. This mirror is a focal point of the room, possibly even the inspiration piece, and we love how central it is to the design and feel of the space. When you walk into this room, the mirror would be one of the first things that you see, which is something that we really like. Also, we like hoe the dark frame stands out really well against the white walls. But we can't forget how functional this mirror is too! Not only is it a great accessory and piece of decor, but it's great to have a mirror in your room when you are getting ready so you aren't constantly running to the nearest bathroom to check how you look.

Mirrors in living rooms add symmetry and flare.

If there's one thing you should remember when working with mirrors, it's to have fun with them. A mirror often takes up space on your wall that would otherwise be occupied by a picture, so why not make you mirror a piece of art as well as a functional mirror? There are many ways to get creative with mirrors, here are just a few examples:

  •  Get a sculpture-like piece for your wall that just happens to be made from mirrors. Like the one pictured above, these tend to be very modern and work best as a centrepiece of a room. Try this kind of mirror in the living room with a chic, downtown feel and you should be set!
  • Keep the mirror plain, but glam up the frame! There are frames for every style, budget, and space so just know what you're looking for for your particular space. Some are very fun, like our first example which has a frame made of old pop cans, and some are more sophisticated and classic, like the ornate one we have as our second example.
  • Go for a shaped mirror. You can get a mirror cut in almost any shape, from hearts (above) to initials to odd geometric designs. The choice is really yours. So have fun with it and be creative, it will become a focal point in you room, after all.
-Hayley, Alexandra, & Vanja

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  1. Wow! Great pictures for this post ladies. I like the wide variety of samples you've shown!