Thursday, 14 April 2011

Floral Decorations

Floral decorations are a unique way to make your home more elegant, warm, and welcoming. Also, flowers add a touch of colour and can bring a good smell to any room too!

 In this kitchen the greenery is a small pop of colour on a white colour palette. The flowers are pale pink, which gives the white walls and the white cabinets a touch of colour. In the very corner there is another plant but this time it is green, which ties in with the rest of the colours in the room. This is a great example of not to much colour and not to many flowers look very simplistic and elegant. Too many flowers can over power the room because it creates too many small focal points instead of one or two main focusses. 


 This is a good example of to many flowers in one room. Personally, we do not like the placement of the flowers of the flowers in this room. They are all crammed together in one room which leaves the room looking cluttered and  uncomfortable. Also, the flowers don't one colour theme, with green plants behind the couch and the yellow and purple arrangement to the far right. Combined with the pink and blue floral couch, this room is a design disaster. We think it needs a total overhaul, starting with taking the flowers where they belong, the garden!

We love flowers in the bathroom, they add a cool feeling to the room and really complete the fresh look and feel that a bathroom should have. But incorporating flowers into a bathroom can be tricky, so remember some basic rules. Make sure the flowers go with the colour scheme of the bathroom, as clashing flowers can ruin such a small room quite easily. Also,remember not to just shove flowers into a corner. Make sure the area is big enough so the flowers won't look squished, but not too big so the flowers look like they're drowning. A small to medium sized arrangement looks best in most bathrooms, depending on the size of the room, of course, to prevent crowding.

We love flowers for spring. Its one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to brighten up any space and bring your rooms out of that post-winter slump!

-Alexandra, Vanja, & Hayley


  1. I love flowers, my personal favorite is the last one because one of my favorite color combinations is pale green and lavendar

  2. Love the picture of 'what not to do'... Great perspective! Thanks for sharing ladies.

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