Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Top 3 Favourite Colours-#2: Lime Green

#2 Lime Green

Our second favourite colour is Lime Green. We like lime green because it is a very fresh colour that gives any room a crisp feel. We like to work with green because it can be incorporated into any room. Whether in a bathroom or a kitchen, green makes the room look cleaner. We like green in every part of a room, just not all at one time. If used wisely, green can create a natural look in any room.

This bathroom shows how green can be used as a main wall colour without it becoming too overpowering. The darker green contrasts with the bright white well and since those are the only two colours in the room is has a simplistic feel. The white and green accessories complete this look.

In this living room, green is used on the furniture. This gives a different feel than the previous room, but we still like how the green effects this room. The olive hue makes it look more sophisticated, as does the patterned window behind the couch. The light wood table makes the green the centre of attention. We like this room, but we would probably add a few different pillows so the couch didn't look so monochromatic.

Our favourite way to use green in rooms is accents, particularly lamps. They are a great way to add colour to a space that reflects on the whole room, literally. whether on the stem of the lamp or the shade itself, green lamps are the perfect touch to any room with a accent neutral or analogous colour scheme.

-Hayley, Vanja, Alexandra

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  1. Hello, Where did you find the first lamp? The one with the green base and vintage looking shade? I've been looking for a lamp like this for my master bedroom, thanks.