Thursday, 21 April 2011

Our 3 Least Favourite Colours: #1- Orange

Out of all of the colours that make us cringe, orange takes the cake. There are various reasons that we don't like orange, especially bright yellowy oranges. One reason is that its a very strong colour. It easily overpowers most colours that it is pair with, leaving a mess of a colour scheme. This is another thing that we don't like about orange; it doesn't incorporate into a colour scheme very well. Finally, we don't like how furniture looks when it is covered in fabrics of this colour because it reminds us of a very retro, 70s feel, something that no one wants to be reminded of.

This is an example of how a colour scheme can be so easily lost on orange. We think they were attempting a somewhat analogous scheme, with the light orange-ish floors. But, as you can see, all other colour is forgotten in the presence of the intense pumpkin. The light wood which could have been a nice touch to the room just further washes the colour of the room out, which makes everything look more closed in and ultimately smaller.

We think orange is the worst when it is a fabric colour for furniture. It is hard to work with, mostly because about the same number of things rhyme with orange and match with it in interior design. Therefore it is usually used in an accented neutral room. This creates a centre of attention on the orange, which is a big no-no in our opinion.

But there are a few ways that orange can be tolerable. These ways are:

  • Burnt orange. Its a more brown, neutral version of the average orange. This also makes is more sophisticated and classy. Pair this orange with dark woods for the best look.

  • In a print. Especially in a child's room, a print with oranges, pinks, and greens can look really cute.

  • Accessories. In a modern room, an orange accessory works well and doesn't become dated like it does in a era-neutral room
-Hayley, Vanja, &Alexandra

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