Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Our top 3 Blogs: #2-Freshome

Another one of our favourite design blogs is Freshome. It is an interior design blog and online magazine that was founded in March 2007 by Micel Mihai-Cristian, a man from Romania who was looking for ideas on how to decorate his new apartment. Since its beginning, Freshome has become one of the most-visited interior design blogs on the internet, averaging about 2 million visitors each month.

Though Freshsome is a blog about interior design and architecture, like many other blogs, but we think this one is better than most. It's different than other blogs because it doesn't focus on one city or town, but one designs from all around the world. This lets its followers learn what's hot and what's not in places like Germany and Japan. We like this feature because styles vary so much from city-to-city and country-to-country, so it's nice to see if there's a certain area of the world whose interior design really speaks to you.

This is one of the pictures from a Freshome post on Scandivavian design,

This is from a post on a young Brazilian interior designer, Fabio Teixiera.

We also really like its design and layout. Along the top of the site, there are categories of posts that you can select. So if you are looking for a new DIY project, you can go to the "Ideas" sections. Or if you're in love with bedroom design you can get your fill of that too. There is also a "Best Of" page, which shows you posts from every category. This makes finding what you want really easy. There is also a subscription option where you can get posts from any or all of the categories sent to your email, and a "Posts You May Like" function. Lastly, we like how the creators of Freshome made the blog match its title, with a "fresh"-looking lime green and white theme and tonnes of pictures for every post.

There's nothing major about this blog that we would change, probably just the amount of ads are on the website. All the advertisements can be distracting, but we get why they're there. the creators have to get a pay check some how! But other than that we really like this blog.

We think anyone interested in interior design would like this blog, but especially those who are interested in styles from other parts of the world. The posts are really well done and give lots of ideas for every type of design. So give it a go! Like we said, you can subscribe so you don't miss a post! Here's the link:

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra

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  1. Sounds neat! I love international design. I'm always coming home from my travels with bags full of design goodies!