Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring Trend #3 Vintage

Our third spring trend is Vintage.Vintage is making a huge comeback lately in the design world as many people prefer eclectic styles over a more modern look. This room is an example of how vintage can be used as a theme for an entire room. The minimalistic style and traditional furniture makes the room looks older with a touch of modern to it, making the room look stylish and classic. In this room there is a muted colour palette, meaning most of the colours are white or faded looking, This colour scheme is carried out onto the furniture with light wood for the drawers and tables. This room has a classy but elegant feel to it, they have put in the traditional plates and cups as well as the drapes or curtains. We feel like the table does not fit in with the rest of the vintage room they are doing because it looks very new and has a bright white colour.

This old vintage looking lamp has a very interesting designs on it. The iron is slightly tarnished and worn looking, which adds to the vintage feel. The shades designs are very traditional also. This lamp would look good in a study or  library with similar looking colours and patterns. It would also work in a room with darker colours, as the iron has a very strong look to it. We think this lamp would be a great way to add a bit of vintage flare to a room without creating the feeling that your stepping back into the 1920s.

This room is another great example of how to create a traditional, vintage look that could work in any home, vene if the rest of the home isn't too vintage inspired. Since the chairs are a different colour of wood than the table and the cabinets, they look miss-matched, but in a good way. At first we weren't sure if we like these chairs in this dining room, but after a while we realized it added to the vintage feeling. We think this might have to do with the fact that the wrought iron chandelier is a similar colour. The dining table looks homemade, like the homeowners might have dresigned and built it themselves, and the teapot lamp on the table is a very cute accessory.

Overall, we love vintage. We think it gives rooms a charming, cozy feel and can make anyone feeling comfortable. :)
-Alexandra, Hayley, & Vanja


  1. Great post ladies... Don't forget to do the assignment "blog about a blog" http://intdesigned.blogspot.com/2011/04/april-12th.html

  2. This is cute, I like it. Personally I'm not usually into vintage furniture and accessorys but I like your blog, and it makes me want to check out some of the things you mentioned;)