Thursday, 21 April 2011

Our 3 Least Favourite Colours: #3- Pale Yellow

Personally, we are not fans of pale yellow in interior design. Don't get us wrong, in a nursery or child's room it is a soothing colour. But outside if that, we think it just washes a space out. We don't particularly like yellow in any part of a room, but especially on furniture. When you try to mix this soft colour with a soft fabric, it just becomes bad. Plus it will dirty super easily!

This room is the definition of washed out. the paint colour, furniture, and carpet are all the same colour, which makes the room way too monochromatic and boring. This is one o the reasons pale yellow is really hard to work with. Almost always it becomes faded and old looking. Sure, the dark fireplace helped a little bit, but overall the yellow attack is a bad look, and the dark green plants only make it worse.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work with things you aren't too fond of. So, if you have no choice but to work with pale yellow, you have to make the best of it. We think that pale yellow looks best when it is in the background. It works as a wall colour because it isn't overpowering and can work well with other colours. Another way to use pale yellow in a fashionable way is to turn the brightness up, just a little. It can still be pale without being dated. Finally, try using pale yellow where it really belongs, in a kids bedroom or playroom. Its a very youthful colour in this scenario, and can be quite charming if done right.
On walls, we think that pale yellow is a lot more tolerable.
Turn up the intensity a notch or two, it will not only make a truer yellow, but it will make the colour pop instead of being washed out.
If there is one room pale yellow works in perfectly, it's a nursery. The pale, soothing colour is just adorable for a newborn.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra

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