Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring Trend #1: Bright Colours

One of the biggest trends in interior design this spring is bright colours. Whether in accessories, a piece of furniture or painted on the walls, bright colours can lighten up any space and bring you and your room out of that notorious winter slump. You can utilise colour in any room for any age group, just remember to keep the space reflective of you and your lifestyle. Too much colour in a sophisticated apartment can look hap-hazard, but in a trendy space, colour is a staple. In a child's playroom, bright colours will create the perfect whimsical atmosphere.
Personally, we think that bright colours are good in small doses. Too many different colours can clash with eachother and it can be difficult to make colour look good in any space. A way to incorporate colour without overpowering the rest of the room is to bring colour in through accessories or an accented neutral colour scheme. Accent pillows, art, and light fixtures are all ways of introducing colour into your home.
-Vanja Bilbija, Hayley Dyrndahl & Alexandra Cocco


  1. This is a good start... Try adding a bit more text and personal thougths. You want to make your posts a 'full' idea. Maybe talk about how you can add colour with some simple accessories and show some more pictures or what about adding an accent wall for some added colour...

  2. Who did this post? Who do I give the mark too?