Thursday, 7 April 2011


Pink is the top colour this spring. Typically used in girls' rooms, pink is calming, nurturing and warm. In the room above, pink is the main colour used. The walls are painted and seem as if they have texture to them. This makes the room more interesting and makes the walls more attractive. Adding another colour to go along with pink can make the room appear as if there are more colours than there actually are. In this example, the silver helps the balance of the room. Adding a simple decoration, such as the hanging stars in this room, can benefit the room. Matching some throw pillows and blankets can make the room look better.

  The pink in this room is overpowering. There aren't many other colours in this room, other than some white furniture and pillows. We suggest either painting the walls white, or making them a lighter shade of pink because this shade is overly vivid and makes the room appear intense rather than calming.  

This ikea room is nicely decorated and centers around pink. The carpet along with the furniture in the room is too pink for our taste, however, the pink carpet isn't too noticeable with the balck and white striped rug over part of it. We would've liked to see a larger rug, just like this one, underneath the couch and table. Overall, we think the room is nice but not accented well enough.

   We like pink and black rooms. The pink is a brighter colour, and the black is a darker colour, which balances out the room and compliment eachother. In this room, black is the main colour and pink is the accent. The pink flowers on the wall help brighten up the room more. The pink drapes and pillow make the room appear brighter. It's hard to notice all the black in the room when it's well accented with pink.

-Hayley Dyrndahl, Vanja Bilbija & Alexandra Cocco

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  1. I knew pink was going to show up in your blog sooner or later :) Great observations! You're writing style is clear adn your thoughts are organized. Great blogging ladies!