Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tropical Blue

  A popular colour this spring is tropical blue. It is an overall calming colour and brings peace into the home. It can be used in almost any room and on any type of furniture or accessory. In the room shown above, blue is an accent colour. It's in the pillows, drapes, table and picture. Since the room is open and bright, the blue doesn't overpower it.
  Because of the blue tiles and walls in this bathroom, it almost seems as if there are no other colours in the room. The blue is somewhat overpowering, however, we think that, in a way, it works. We also think that the room would look better if it had some more white in it, if the walls were white rather than blue, and maybe some more accents. 
This children's room has a moderate amount of blue in it. We think that the random placement of blue drawers and other items helps the room have a distinguishable accent colour without overpowering the rest of the colours. The room is fairly bright and the darker colours help even out the tone.
  We think this tropical blue chandelier would look great in a living room or dining room, where blue is the accent colour. It is a modern and chic chandelier which would stand out in a room.

-Vanja Bilbija, Hayley Dyrndahl & Alexandra Cocco

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  1. Great post ladies! You're on the right track :)