Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bright Orange

Bright orange is a colour that you can put into any room and it can open up the space. It gives a fast-paced and exciting feel to any room.  It can be used in several rooms as accents or specific pieces of furniture.
This room has an orange painted wall with darker furniture and floors surrounding. Since they kept the rest of the room neutral, including grey furniture and a black and white rug, the colours don't clash with each other. The orange is an accent wall, however, if the rest of the walls were also painted orange, the colour would be overpowering.

 This lamp has a bright effect and can be placed in a room with dark and simple colours. It's modern and fun and would work well in any kids room. It can work as an accent to any uncomplicated room. It would stand out and blend well with other furniture.

-Vanja, Hayley, & Alexandra

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