Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Our top 3 Blogs: #1-Patricia Gray

Our favourite interior design blog is Patricia Gray Interior Design. It's a interior design blog put out by Patricia Gray, an acclaimed interior designer. Patricia has travelled all over the world, but she now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She began the blog in 2007 as a way to show off the projects she was working on and give a designers opinion on various styles and trends.

There are many reasons we love Patricia Gray's blog. One of these reasons is the posts themselves. Patricia's posts are always very detailed and present full opinions and ideas. She often shows multiple variations of whatever the topic of her post is, whether the focus of the post is footstools or the colour white. She includes many pictures with each entry, which makes them a lot more interesting to the reader. Here are some examples of the great pictures she adds into every post.

From her post "White Paint and Other White Necessities"

From her profile of designer Stuart Membrey.

Another reason we like it is the ease of use. Like a blog we mentioned previously, Patricia Gray Interior Design separates the posts into subject categories and includes a "You May Also Like" option beneath each post. This creates a smooth experience on the blog, which goes well with the black, white, and grey colour scheme.

This blog is our favourite interior design blog, and that's probably why we wouldn't change anything about this blog. We love the layout and the designs of the posts themselves. The writing style is great and we think the fact that she adds lots of pictures only betters the blog as a whole. However, we would add a subscription option to this blog so we could guarantee that we were notified of every new post.

Here's the link to the blog:

We would suggest Patricia Gray Interior Design to anyone and everyone interested in interior design. Even if you are just beginning to read interior design blogs or haven't ever read one before, this blog is a great starting point. But we warn you; once you begin reading it, you'll be hooked!

-Vanja, Hayley, & Alexandra

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  1. Great work ladies. Patricia Gray is so Vancouver :)