Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our top 3 Blogs: #3-MoCo Loco

 One of our favourite design blogs is MoCo Loco. It is a blog and online magazine which focuses on modern and contemporary design. It's been running since 2003. We're not sure who runs it, however, we think it's run by a group of people, not just one person. MoCo Loco talks about styles from all around the world and is not specific to one location. It covers whats in for the season. We believe that whoever started it, did so to inform people of new modern and contemporary designs and give an interior designer's point of view.

  We like this blog because it's interesting and unique. It shows designs from around the world and covers interior design events. What we dislike about this blog is it doesn't show a preview of the story, it only shows the picture. If we could change the blog, we would make the first couple of lines of the story visible. This blog is different from other blogs because it has a unique layout. It doesn't scroll up and down, it scrolls to the left and right. 

The link for the blog is:
We recommend that everyone interested in interior design checks it out.

-Vanja, Hayley & Alexandra

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  1. This one's ok... I think there are way better blogs out there. This one's not that great. I think the layout is akward.