Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Top 3 Favourite Colours-#3: Tropical Blue


  We like tropical blue because it gives a serene and calm feeling to the room. It also create a warm tone in a room, which can be difficult to achieve with cool toned colours. This blue can be used in many areas of a room, but we wouldn't recommend it as a paint colour for an entire room. As an accent wall it would look nice, but every wall would just close off the room and probably give you a headache. Our favourite way to use tropical blue is in accents. With white and black especially the blue pops, giving the room a fun, youthful feel.

  In this picture, blue is used as an accent colour. This is how we would use tropical blue in a living room or even an office. The white keeps the room bright and open, which allows more light in. This light reflects off the blue and make the room look more modern. The other bright colours also add to this effect. This room is also a really convenient room, as you can change the tone in the room with new curtains and pillow covers.

This bedroom is an example of how Tropical Blue can be used in fabrics to create a really chic look. We love how rich these fabrics look, partly because of the hue and partly because of the slight shine that they have. This room is also an example of the black and white with the blue and we believe that this colour scheme is very modern. The chandelier table lamps and embroidered pillows add to this feeling, creating a room that any fashionable young woman would love.

We think this kitchen shows how blue can go really wrong. Its overdone as it's not only very bright on the cabinets, which is too much on its own, but the blue and white printed wall paper just completes the disaster. If they wanted to use blue, they should have chosen either the cabinets or the wallpaper and toned whichever one they picked down about ten notches. That wall you could look at this room without getting a headache. But we're not saying we don't like blue in kitchens, we just think it looks better when its subtle, like the picture below.

-Hayley, Vanja, & Alexandra

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